Charm is deceitful, and beauty is vain, but a woman who fears the Lord is to be praised.
Proverbs. 31:30 (ESV)

What is this ministry?

She often felt unseen, undervalued, and unappreciated until she met Jesus. Does that sound like you? Maybe you feel this way now or have felt this way at some point in your life. You may know Jesus and desire to follow him with all your heart, but the many misinterpretations of women’s value in the home, world, and the church have caused you to doubt you matter. I get it! I was the woman unseen, undervalued, and unappreciated until I met Jesus and realized he saw me. He loved me. He valued me. He knew me. And he gifted me to serve him and others for his glory. And guess what? He does the same for you! I want you to know this in your soul, not just your mind.

In a world where women can feel less than or not enough, or worse, used and abused, it’s no wonder they feel like maybe God feels the same about them. Women’s struggles in these areas are not new; they are old and were experienced by women in the Bible. I want you to meet these ladies, and see that God saw them, knew them, wanted them, and loved them.

In this ministry, you will meet many women of the Bible and learn how their lives took part in God’s big story of redemption. Through blogs, free downloads, discounted study guides, and video teachings, you will meet these ladies comprehensively. You will relate to their experiences and, more importantly, see that the God of their lives is here, with you, teaching and loving you as much as he did them.

The blog posts, study guides, and video lessons are meant to be used together. They will not repeat each other; they each add more to the lessons you learned through each medium. Enjoy!

Blog Posts

Learn about different women in the Bible. Each one offers lessons for you and me. They teach us about God’s personal activity as we witness him meet them in their wanderings, triumphs, and challenges. You are in for a treat! Not only will you meet real women, just like you, but you will also see a very real God who steps into your life. Why? Because God values women!

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Study Guides

Let’s examine the lives of biblical women as we work through the study guides. These guides will do more than teach you a good story; they will also help you understand how their lives resemble yours. Each struggled with the same human experiences as you and I do. The beauty of these guides is the whole counsel of God’s word is brought to bear, giving us solid answers to life’s challenges.

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Listen to Marcie share additional insights into the women she writes about in the blog posts and study guides. She will also share personal experiences she has encountered that resemble these women and introduce modern examples of women who have embraced God’s wisdom and experienced his personal activity. Did you know that God does not limit his presence and involvement to the women of the Bible? He is very much alive and working in today’s women as well.

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About me

Welcome friend.

I am Marcie Cramsey, a woman just like you! I live in Virginia and work as the Biblical Counseling Director at my church. It is a joy to help women, couples, children, and teens experience the truth of God’s word and his personal touch in their lives. It’s truly a ministry I feel honored to be given. But my most treasured ministry has been raising four children with my husband. Three are married and have extended our family with two daughters-in-love and one son-in-love. We are doubly blessed to have three grandchildren and two granddoggies.

My friends, I am also blessed to serve you. Welcome to this writing and teaching ministry. Let’s learn together!

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Women in the Bible

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